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Welcome to the Beginning of your journey to freedom -- Renewing Your Mind!  You know that if you want to get somewhere you have to get a map and check out the ways to get there.  Well renewing your mind is how you 'get the map' and check out the ways suited for you to get to freedom, true and real freedom!  Spiritual Liberty begins here!!

Recognize that you are choosing to take this first step.  I suggest you commit to a time frame (notice I did not say limit).  A time frame that you can stay with, no matter what.  Put down a time to start and how much time you may begin with -- this might change over time. 

Ready?  Let's begin.

Renew Your Mind 1(C)

Insight from God comes in all ways and at all times.  You recognize it as an insight from God as you grow in 'knowing' Him through knowing His Living Word (Jesus).

In the beginning the first steps are:

  1. daily reading of the Word, or listening to it (I suggest both)
  2. memorizing scriptures,
  3. writing in a journal,
  4. studying to show yourself a workman,
    1. able to discern good from evil,  

All of these are 'part' of renewing your mind.  This is the beginning, and this continues on and on as you grow more and more mature in God, in His Love, in His Will for your life, in His joy unspeakable and full of glory, in His peace that passes, always, and in all ways, all of our understanding; peace that guards our hearts and keeps our minds protected.


Yes, this is the beginning.  It's like programming a computer -- it must be done in code, and the system follows the code.  Well you are in the process of renewing your mind -- from all the junk you have picked up over the years, and believe me you wouldn't know half the junk if you saw it.  But it's there. 


By reading and listening to the Word, you are actually locating all those virus' you have in your mind/brain, and transforming them into the real deal of truth!  No more breaking down, or going off, or going after this or that.


Before you begin you do need to get into the place where renewing your mind is the only focus.  At first I would speak outloud the following:


"Abba, Daddy, God, I come to you and ask you to please help me to renew my mind.  I ask that you lead and guide me as I read and listen to your word, and that you help me as I learn and grow into who I am, and whose I am.  You know me, and you know what I need and how I need.  Please pour out your love, your peace, and all you have for me.  Let's begin. Amen"


You will learn to apply whatever scriptures you need for your life and for others. 


You will learn and grow in prayer - communing with God, from:

  •  Daddy please,
  • to help me,
  • to help others,
  • to specific petitions
    • and supplications for others,
  • to intercession. 

I am sure one of the key scriptures for spiritual growth, for maturing in Christ is:


 2 Cor. 10:5b -"bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." 


Yes the battle we fight the most is within our own souls/minds, and it is the subtlest of battles, one we don't easily recognize.  So this is the first scripture I want you to memorize. 


As you begin, you may find some resistance in your mind -like questions and negative thoughts andfeelings, and memories popping up -- well these are the 'thoughts' that need to be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ -- As is bringing them into and through the living water anointing - Christ means anointed one, and it is as you obey and bring every thought captive - this breaks every and all yokes to darkness and any junk from the enemy of our soul. 

When I first began to do this, it seemed I had to do it every minute - and then it went to every hour, and then as the yokes began to be broken and I was 'set free indeed' by the Son of God, I began to walk in the victory Christ paid for me to have - and the process became one that is a jewel in my crown -- more on that later.  Just begin and continue on -- believe and open your heart to receive!
When you bring every thought, bring every emotion, and every vision, dream, perception, imagination into captivity - think of each as a root of a weed that needs to be removed. So you can say:
"1.  I bring every thought in my mind into captivity to the obedience of Christ.
 2.  And every emotion attached to every thought, I bring into captivity to the obedience of Christ.
 3.  And every vision, dream, perception and imagination attached to every thought, I bring into captivity to the obedience of Christ."
You might have to do this many times, to get ahold of all the 'rootlets' that need to be removed - but be at peace, 'cause when this is done completely - it is a done deal - and you may have to do it ocassionaly as the enemy attempts to infect your brain with 'thoughts'. But it will be right up front, not later with a bunch of rootlets.

     Be Real - Smile

It is so easy, you know, 
to smile -- all we have to do is  choose --
GOD created us
in GOD's image and we
have the power of GOD 
- to choose - to LIVE
or not.
We are never alone, and
we can be with our
heavenly Father, Abba,
Daddy, GOD, if we choose
-- the real test in these times
is to: